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CLITERACY: are you cliterate?

The idea for my fifth solo show (real thing premieres at Brighton Fringe in May 2023) sprang from the section in ‘Me? No Pause!’ where I go through the history of menopause treatments. Clitoridectomy was used to ‘treat’ (I don’t think so) menopause symptoms in C19th London. I decided to delve deeper into this alleged medical procedure. There was also a fabulous coincidence when I was reading ‘Politique du clitoris’ (mais oui, a French feminist book) and opened it up on the page where it directly referenced the use of clitoridectomy across history for various ‘conditions’.

I was hooked.

On Sun 27 Nov I performed a WIP in Brighton, covering History, Science and Art perspectives on the clitoris. I enjoyed presenting some of the historical elements in character (French and German accent work to be done here lol).

The audience loved the finale hoedown singalong, sculpting their own play doh clitoris and playing the phone quiz to assess how cliterate they were. We had an audience feedback session, where we discussed ways to develop the show further.

Sun 12 Feb 7pm @ Caroline of Brunswick Brighton FREE (donations accepted)

is the next Brighton WIP, where I will discuss the clitoris through the lens of sociolinguistics (the words used across time, by different groups of people) and sociological perspectives (FGM v labiaplasty). There will be another phone quiz and OF COURSE I will bring play doh!

LONDON Fri 3 March @ Two Brewers Clapham.


Me? No Pause!

From the first medical reference to menopause in the 17th century to menopause management tips with social media influencer Adriana Mole. Symptoms, strategies and stories collide in this taboo-busting multimedia performance, guiding you through perimenopause. Expect spoken word, musical mash-up cabaret, character comedy and movie clips!